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Streaming Metal Albums

Don’t you just love this page? What we have here is more than 30 YouTube channels all streaming brand new full metal albums! Thanks to these channels you can discover a vast number of bands from all across the world. And not just that. We can also refresh our ears to many many brilliant albums of the past and discover a mountain of hidden gems! Once any of the channels below adds a new album it will also be visible here. For your convenience bookmark this page and check here before heading to YouTube.

Classic Metal Samples

Rare & Obscure Metal Archives

NWOTHM Full Albums

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Metal Music From Across The World


New Wave Of Old School Thrash Metal

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Leo Thrash

Macabre Soundscapes

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Black Metal Promotion

Black Metal Artists

Atmospheric Black Metal Albums

Heavy Metal Of Eastern Bloc

Slam Worldwide

Underground Metal Promotion

Gore Grinder



Metal Vault

New Wave Of Old School Thrash Metal

Melodeath Space

Rare Metal Albums

Death Metal Supply

Kens Death Metal Crypt

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DJ Babis

Headbanger Channel

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Danny Waysted Official

Cult Metal


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Metallian Validor

Death Madness

Dot Dot Dot

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Agelatus Metal Art

Black Metal Catalog

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Albums From Hell

Mixed Metal Arts

A Winternight Visage

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