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Svart Metal

  • Demonic Chorals
    on February 1, 2023

     Band: Demonic ChoralsAlbum: Power of Immortal HatredRelease date: 24 December […]

  • Demonic
    on February 1, 2023

     Band: DemonicAlbum: The Empire of Agony Release date: 14 February […]

  • Wilk
    on January 30, 2023

     Band: WilkAlbum: Na Rozkaz KrwiRelease date: 2006Country: Poland, Lublin, […]

  • Wilk
    on January 30, 2023

     Band: WilkAlbum: Zwycięstwo Będzie Nasze!Release date: 2004Country: Poland, […]

  • Werewolf
    on January 30, 2023

     Band: WerewolfAlbum: The Order of VrilRelease date: November 2009Country: […]

Ganja Core

Memories Of a Forgotten Past

Possessed by Extreme Metal