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  • newMemoriam - Unveil Upcoming Album's Second Single
    Today, <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=9730&bandname=Memoriam>Memoriam</a> premiere their second single off their forthcoming <i>To The End</i> offering. "Failure to Comply" is now available for streaming in the form of a lyric video clip. The group's fourth studio album is ready to be launched on 2…
    - 3 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 1:46pm -
  • newMegadeth - New Album Recordings Nearing Its Completion
    In the last episode of his program, 'The Dave Mustaine Show' (broadcast on Gimme Radio), Dave gave us an update on what's going on in the studio as <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=163&bandname=Megadeth>Megadeth</a> puts together their upcoming studio album. <a href="/events/news_comments.php?news_id…
    - 3 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 1:40pm -
  • newCode - Announce & Detail Fifth Studio Album, Short Teaser Available
    After a long, and for some, an impatient, wait, <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=661&bandname=Code>Code</a> are back with <i>Flyblown Prince</i>, the fifth full length creation from the UK band that has, over the years, preferred to dodge any attempts at being categorized by forging its own individua…
    - 3 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 12:50pm -
  • newLucifer - Reveal Dust Cover From Upcoming Split Single With Kadavar
    After recently released the 7" single <i>Dirt In The Ground</i>, <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=8816&bandname=Lucifer>Lucifer</a> now stuck their heads together with their Berlin based peers <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=9116&bandname=Kadavar>Kadavar</a> to collaborate for a special vinyl single.…
    - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 12:04pm -
  • newShadows - Streaming Debut EP In Its Entirety
    The 6-track music piece from newly formed <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=12938&bandname=Shadows>Shadows</a> has been officially released (Agonia Records) and is now available for listening in its entirety. <a href="/events/news_comments.php?news_id=41202>Read more...</a>
    - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 12:04pm -
  • newFleshgrind - Vocalist Rich Lipscomb Passed Away
    Although disbanded more than 15 years ago, <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=3895&bandname=Fleshgrind>Fleshgrind</a> confirmed yesterday via their Facebook page that vocalist Rich Lipscomb has passed away at the age of 52. In late 90's and early 00's, <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=3895&bandname=Fles…
    - 5 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 11:42am -
  • newMoonspell - Put Out Official Video For New Track
    February 26th is a massive release day. Among others, it also includes Portuguese dark metal godfathers <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=172&bandname=Moonspell>Moonspell</a> unleashing their highly-anticipated 13th studio album, <i>Hermitage</i>. Coinciding with new album release, <a href=/bands/band…
    - 8 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 8:43am -
  • newEvergrey - New Album Out, Reveal Another Song (Feat. James LaBrie)
    Today is the release day of several albums/EPs, and <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=98&bandname=Evergrey>Evergrey</a>'s <i>Escape Of The Phoenix</i> is one of those. To celebrate the official release of their 12th studio album, Swedish prog/power masters present a lyric video for the song "The Behol…
    - 8 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 8:31am -

  • newMetal Insider’s Jeff Podoshen speaks with Vreid’s Jarle Kvale on upcoming concept album ‘Wild North West’
      Norwegian extreme metal veterans are releasing their upcoming concept record entitled Wild North West, this Spring. The “North West,” though, that they’re talking about isn’t Portland, Oregon or Seattle (though both might fit that “wild” moniker these days); rather it’s the Norwegia…
    - 54 mins ago 26 Feb 21, 3:25pm -
  • newBehemoth’s Nergal starts campaign to raise funds for Polish artists facing prosecution in blasphemy law violations
      Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski is looking to help Polish artists like himself who are being unfairly prosecuted for violating the country’s blasphemy laws.  On Wednesday (24), Nergal launched “Ordo Blasfemia,” a campaign which “will help fund a sustainable legal challenge to…
    - 1 hour ago 26 Feb 21, 3:00pm -
  • newNew & Noteworthy: February 26th, 2021 – For New Music That Wish To Exist
    New & Noteworthy is a weekly column in which we highlight some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week features new releases from Alice Cooper, Epica, Architects and more! For last week’s releases you can read the previous New & Noteworthy, and for the latest sales…
    - 2 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 2:34pm -
  • newMoonspell share “The Hermit Saints” video
        Tomorrow (26th), Moonspell’s new album, Hermitage will arrive via Napalm Records. Today (25th), the group has shared a video for the song “The Hermit Saints.”    Frontman Fernando Ribeiro comments: “’The Hermit Saints’ unveils even further secrets about our forthcoming album: Her…
    - 19 hours ago 25 Feb 21, 8:54pm -
  • newGoatwhore are in the studio!
      Goatwhore have officially entered the studio! While starting the writing process back in early 2019, these NOLA metal masters have finally started to record the follow-up to 2017’s Vengeful Ascension. The group shared a few updates via social media, which you can check out below:    The post…
    - 21 hours ago 25 Feb 21, 7:21pm -
  • newMetal By Numbers 2/25: Rock and roll all over the charts
    Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.   I spent the first five minute writing this week’s edition of MBN thinking “I should listen to that Pretty Reckless song that was big on the radio a few years ago, it was […]The post Metal…
    - 23 hours ago 25 Feb 21, 5:37pm -
  • newUh huh huh…This Rules! Beavis and Butthead return to Paramount
      MTV’s Beavis And Butthead cartoon series will return to Paramount. While this may not directly follow-up with the 1996 film Beavis And Butthead Do America, these two characters will return to a feature-length film. However, we’re not sure if they will appear on the big screen. The announcemen…
    - 23 hours ago 25 Feb 21, 5:22pm -
  • Cannibal Corpse unleash “Inhumane Harvest” video
      Cannibal Corpse have unleashed a David Brodsky video for their latest single “Inhumane Harvest.” The track, which premiered earlier this month, is taken from the group’s upcoming album, Violence Unimagined, out April 16th via Metal Blade Records.   Rob Barrett (guitar) comments:  “‘In…
    - 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 11:00pm -

Metal Underground

  • El Colosso – Forgotten Ancestors
    Another heavily underrated local act, this Melbourne band has been around for quite some time, and this is their second full-length album. Forgotten Ancestors finds them progressing strongly from their debut, 2017’s Pathways (which itself was excellent), winding out and really exploring their soun…
    - 69 days ago 19 Dec 20, 11:57pm -
  • Markus Saastamoinen – Puzzle Pieces
    A little background on Markus Saastomoinen: he is a Melbourne-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and currently frontman for extremely promising progressive heavy rock outfit Cirrus Crown. This is his debut solo record. And it’s an interesting ride, with a broad musical palette and go…
    - 77 days ago 11 Dec 20, 11:16pm -
  • Malcura – Malcura II
    Wow, talk about coining a sub-genre. Or at least getting as close to doing that as you can these days. This Aussie band features members of Annihilist, Orsome Welles and Kettlespider, and have created a sound that can only really be described, or categorised, as ‘instrumental flamenco prog rock’…
    - 89 days ago 30 Nov 20, 12:24am -
  • Plini – Impulse Voices
    The new album from Sydney instrumental guitar prodigy Plini far from outstays its welcome. At eight tracks, only two of which stretch out to longer than five minutes, and under fourty minutes of music all up, it redefines the word ‘tasteful’. But, man oh man, does it pack a shitload into its run…
    - 97 days ago 22 Nov 20, 12:53am -
  • HJELVIK – Welcome to Hel
    Ex-Kevelertak frontman Erlend Hjelvik is about to open the gates of Hel with his new solo project, a blackened viking heavy metal outfit in HJELVIK, who are due to release ‘Welcome to Hel’ on the 20th of November. Taking all that we love from a range of heavy genres, this record consists of a br…
    - 17 Nov 20, 6:51pm -
  • AC/DC – Power Up
    Due to the long arc of their career, can anything AC/DC release at this point contribute to their legacy? Stick around because I’ve had a thorough listen to their new album, Power Up, and I’ve got an answer. On their 19th studio album (18 if both editions of High Voltage count as a single album)…
    - 17 Nov 20, 6:29pm -
  • Scour – Black
    SCOUR are an extreme metal super group featuring Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down), John Jarvis (Agoraphobic Nosebleed), Derek Engemann (Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals), Mark Kloeppel (Misery Index), and Adam Jarvis (Pig Destroyer, Lock Up). The group play an intense brand of black metal which has stro…
    - 13 Nov 20, 7:54pm -
  • Depravity – Grand Malevolence
    The sophomore album in a band’s career usually ends up being a definitive statement in crafting their own sound. The likes of Ride the Lightning by Metallica, Hell Awaits by Slayer and Morbid Angel’s Blessed are the Sick are all fine examples of this. A band such as Depravity hailing from the mo…
    - 13 Nov 20, 7:34pm -

Antichrist Magazine

  • newReview: Varang Nord “Pārķiuņa Uomurs” [Sliptrick records]
    What do we hear in the distance? A war horn through winter and mist! Varang Nord attacks and the world knows the fury of the warriors from the Baltic heaths. “May God protect us from the fury of the  Northmen“. I tell myself: “May this howling wave come to imbued us with an epic savagery”.…
    - 22 hours ago 25 Feb 21, 6:46pm -
  • Review: Asgardsrei “End of the Night”
    ”War is hell” William T. Sherman once said. Now the Asgardsrei crew might not have any war experience at all, but I’m sure that they’re aware of this either way, because End of the Night captures the essence of war oh too well. Let’s just say that given its violent nature, my enjoyment out…
    - 1 day ago 25 Feb 21, 3:08pm -
  • Review: Fractal Generator “Macrocosmos” [Everlasting Spew Records]
    Their second LP after a 6 year wait, Canada’s death metal trio Fractal Generator return with 9 scathing tracks designed to unsettle and stimulate in equal measure. Macrocosmos starts with some odd alien throbbing sample before the band crunch their way brutally through an odd time signature at…
    - 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 9:07am -
  • Review: Druadan Forest / Old Sorcery [Werewolf]
    The Finnish Werewolf Records, well-known for their black metal collaborations, this February has released the Split of two local bands – Druadan Forest and Old Sorcery, where every band has presented two long non-metal opuses. Druadan Forest and Old Sorcery both have decent reputations on the unde…
    - 4 days ago 22 Feb 21, 1:38pm -
  • Review: Culted “Nous” [Season of Mist]
    After a couple of releases with Relapse Records the Canadian-Swedish formation Culted has joined forces with the label Season of Mist, and this February was published their full-length album “Nous”. So, this is their third album after seven years of silence (apart from EP “Vespertina Syntaxis…
    - 4 days ago 22 Feb 21, 12:54pm -
  • Review: Grabunhold “Heldentod” [Iron Bonehead]
    As moody and pensive as the ex your mother never liked, Dortmund’s Grabunhold impress with their first full-length, Heldentod, released on Iron Bonehead Productions. It’s black metal, but not as you know it: steering away from the, (frankly awful) production characteristics that help gave black…
    - 4 days ago 22 Feb 21, 7:30am -
  • Review: Evil “Possessed by Evil” [Dying Victims Productions]
    If Japanese old school crossover blackened thrash metal is your thing, then Possessed by Evil by, yep, Evil, might just be up your alley. Sounding like the offspring of Venom and Sodom if it were raised by Godzilla, Evil clearly have a lot of fun on the album showing off the talent they hon…
    - 5 days ago 21 Feb 21, 3:42pm -
  • Interview with Baest
    Let’s start with the title. What does «Necro Sapiens» means to you? It’s a character, or rather several characters from our concept-album. Our album is a dystopia story, based on 1984. A Necro Sapiens is a part of this dystopic post-apocalyptic world, they are created by the Czar, the totalita…
    - 6 days ago 20 Feb 21, 8:16am -


  • newArchitects – For Those Who Wish To Exist (2020)
    On this site, we have always used the term “metalcore” to apply to any rock, metal, and punk hybrid, since they all converge on what they have in common, which is rock. Currently Architects are widely praised by the media, which makes sense because this empty gesture of an album is Clown World f…
    - 5 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 11:25am -
  • Sorcier des Glaces Releases Ghastly Memories EP on February 23
    Quebecois black metal band Sorcier des Glaces has slated its new EP, Ghastly Memories, for release on February 23, 2021.
    - 12 days ago 14 Feb 21, 4:44pm -
  • Cancel Culture Goes After Lemmy Kilmister
    We make fancy terms for obvious things. Political correctness means making taboo any terms except those which support our “Libertarian Communist” style system; cancel culture and deplatforming mean the public spectacle of removing dissidents and non-conformists. Unfortunately for them, metalhead…
    - 15 days ago 11 Feb 21, 8:09pm -
  • Metal Tops Vinyl Sales With Metallica Classics
    As mentioned in last week’s music industry analysis, metal fans tend to buy discographies. This week, the Billboard charts revealed how much this phenomenon affects physical media sales. According to the charts for the week of February 13, not only is Ride the Lightning riding the charts, but so a…
    - 17 days ago 9 Feb 21, 11:47pm -
  • Graveland Announces Hour of Ragnarok Release in Summer 2021
    Iconic pagan black metal band Graveland announced yesterday that their latest offering, Hour of Ragnarok, will see release in late spring or early summer of 2021 through Forever Plagued Records on CD, Inferna Profundus Records on vinyl, and The Oath Records on cassette. Early demos showed the band t…
    - 21 days ago 5 Feb 21, 12:57pm -
  • Dawning Releases “Battle of Odin” From Forthcoming Album
    Hybrid war/progressive metal band Dawning has issued a new track, “Battle of Odin,” from the forthcoming album Battle of Odin. Check it out at the Dawning Bandcamp!
    - 22 days ago 5 Feb 21, 3:36am -
  • Music Industry Considers a New Direction
    American music as an industry peaked in 1995, when thanks to the new hip-hop boom, CDs fully taking off, and a record number of Generation X consumers buying music, record sales went through the roof. However, right after that point, something went wrong. Within the year, harried executives were dev…
    - 22 days ago 4 Feb 21, 6:05pm -
  • Hammerheart Records Re-Issues Wehrmacht in March
    COVID-19 cannot slow the interest in retro-metal that has overtaken the industry since 2009. Hammheart Records will release two Wehrmacht 1980s LPs, Shark Attack and Bi&emacr;rmächt, in March, having already made them available for streamling play. You can listen right now at the Wehrmacht Bandcamp…
    - 22 days ago 4 Feb 21, 4:42pm -

  • Six Feet Under: “Nightmares Of The Decomposed” Album Review
    Six Feet Under make it very clear that more than 25 years into their career, they remain at the forefront of the death metal. Dynamic, heavy-as-hell, catchy, and uncompromising, it is everything that the band’s longtime faithful have come to expect from these giants. The band members are Chris Bar…
    - 8 Nov 20, 4:19pm -
  • Behemoth: “And The Forests Dream Eternally” Reissue Review
    Behemoth slithered out of Poland and forever changed the black metal scene. After numerous successful albums and multiple monstrous tours, Nergal and company have risen to become quite the powerhouse in a genre that was once very much underground and taboo. Perhaps this album is their gift of sorts…
    - 3 Nov 20, 4:40pm -
  • Zakk Sabbath: “Vertigo” Album Review
    Zakk Wylde, Blasko, and Joey Castillo finally decided to go into the studio as Zakk Sabbath and cover the the self-titled debut from Black Sabbath in its entirety under the title Vertigo.  Black Sabbath’s now 50-year-old debut is one of the most iconic albums in metal history and is credited as t…
    - 14 Sep 20, 1:00pm -
  • Valkyrie: “Fear” Album Review
    Hidey ho, all you Skullsnboners! Que pasa? Hope you are all surviving the summer of isolation and no live shows. In the words of the greatest philosopher of our time, Butthead, “This sucks more than anything that has ever sucked before.” But one thing that does not suck this summer is the end of…
    - 25 Aug 20, 12:00pm -
  • Pig Destroyer: “The Octagonal Stairway” EP Review
    The forthcoming EP by the grindcore legends Pig Destroyer, The Octagonal Stairway, is a killer mix of their iconic, intense grind delivered during the first half and industrial noise tracks filling the second. With song lengths ranging from 45 seconds to 11 minutes, there is a lot of variety in this…
    - 24 Aug 20, 12:00pm -
  • Static-X: “Project Regeneration Vol. 1” Album Review
    Evil disco lives! There has been much speculation and some controversy in the metal community around Static-X releasing a new album featuring the final vocal recordings of Wayne Static with original members, Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda, and Ken Jay. Some said it’s a money grab. Others said it shoul…
    - 11 Aug 20, 7:22pm -
  • Jupiter Hollow: “Bereavement” Album Review

    - 21 Jul 20, 2:00pm -
  • Jochen Boellat Talks Grand Massive’s Sound, Release Of “IV”
    Greetings from the King Rhino quarantine bunker. OK, it’s not really a “bunker.” The King actually just moved into a gorgeous, new, two-story condo with a rooftop terrace overlooking Budapest. But, I’m still enjoying spending time 24/7 with the girlfriend and dog. (You believe me, right?). A…
    - 20 Jul 20, 2:00pm -

Metal Injection

What Would You Do With Jeff Bezos Money? Ask The Artist | Metal Injection

- 24 hours ago 25 Feb 21, 4:36pm -
Chris Adler Says He Left LAMB OF GOD Because It Was "Toxic" | Metal Injection

- 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 9:02pm -
Johannes of TRIBULATION Talks New LP, Member Changes, Gothic Origins & More | Metal Injection

- 3 days ago 23 Feb 21, 2:54pm -
Corey Taylor Slams Young Modern Rock Bands | Breaking News | Metal Injection

- 4 days ago 23 Feb 21, 12:45am -
HIVESMASHER Full Performance at Slay At Home | Metal Injection

- 5 days ago 21 Feb 21, 5:22pm -
THE LION'S DAUGHTER Full Performance at Slay At Home | Metal Injection

- 5 days ago 21 Feb 21, 5:22pm -

The Median Man

  • newEnforced-Kill Grid
    'Kill Grid' by Enforced Rating Musical Feel Emotion Grandiosity Song / Album Composition Melody Structure Pulse "The Doctrine," starts off softly, luring the listener in with a tempting vibe, before unleashing absolute chaos for all to see."Beneath Me," turns the screws in completely, hammer…
    - 2 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 2:00pm -
  • newTygers of Pan Tang-Majors and Minors
    'Majors and Minors' by Tygers of Pan Tang Rating Musical Feel Emotion Grandiosity Song / Album Composition Melody Structure Pulse "Only The Brave," kicks off this intriguing new album with a fascinating twist. A song that has stood the test of time, it [...]The post Tygers of Pan Tang-Ma…
    - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 12:34pm -
  • newThe Crown-Royal Destroyer
    'Royal Destroyer' by The Crown Rating Musical Feel Emotion Grandiosity Song / Album Composition Melody Structure Pulse "Let The Hammering Begin," is a potent and powerful riff frenzy of a song. It catapults the listener into another dimension and demands absolute loyalty and [...]The pos…
    - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 12:26pm -
  • newThe Mighty One-Torch Of Rock and Roll
    'Torch of Rock and Roll' by The Mighty One Rating Musical Feel Emotion Grandiosity Song / Album Composition Melody Structure Pulse "Comin' On," kicks things off with power and glory, smashing through boundaries and hitting things into a new century. "So High," [...]The post The Mighty O…
    - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 12:15pm -
  • newSecret Chord-Aurora
    'Aurora' by Secret Chord Rating Musical Feel Emotion Grandiosity Song / Album Composition Melody Structure Pulse "Dawn," gets the listener intrigued as to what is going to happen next. It burns with passion and positivity."Lack of Contact," hammers through the customised deadlock, bringing a…
    - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 12:03pm -
  • newBlack Juju-Purple Flower Garden Black
    'Purple Flower Garden Black' by Black Juju Rating Musical Feel Emotion Grandiosity Song / Album Composition Melody Structure Pulse "Jaguar Paw," kicks things off with a heavy lid and gets the listener's interest peaked early. "Venus Fly Trap," accelerates through the concord. "Burn [...]…
    - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 11:54am -
  • newArcane Dread-A Path Befouled
    'A Path Befouled' by Arcane Dread Rating Musical Feel Emotion Grandiosity Song / Album Composition Melody Structure Pulse "Fear Instilled In Blood," hits like a battering ram to the gut. It punches through and demands subservience. "A Path Befouled," is the title [...]The post Arcane Dr…
    - 5 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 11:44am -
  • newSuzi Quatro-The Devil In Me
    'The Devil In Me' by Suzi Quatro Rating Musical Feel Emotion Grandiosity Song / Album Composition Melody Structure Pulse "The Devil In Me," starts off the new Suzi Quatro album with a flourish, pushing new ground and demolishing the preconceptions that exist around [...]The post Suzi Qua…
    - 5 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 11:31am -

  • The Germs – (MIA) The Complete Anthology
    There’s a certain perfect irony about the fact that, upon opening my vinyl copy of The Germs’ (MIA) reissue [yes, The Germs’ single best-known...The post The Germs – (MIA) The Complete Anthology appeared first on
    - 28 days ago 29 Jan 21, 3:00pm -
  • Neil Young – After the Gold Rush
    It’s not easy to articulate what kind of mark a fiftieth anniversary represents. Those who remain married for fifty years call it their Golden...The post Neil Young – After the Gold Rush appeared first on
    - 29 days ago 28 Jan 21, 3:30pm -
  • Jamie Wyatt – Neon Cross
    After having watched all the sonic and stylistic directions in which the artists on New West’s roster have gone, it feels more than a...The post Jamie Wyatt – Neon Cross appeared first on
    - 66 days ago 22 Dec 20, 3:00pm -
  • Art Bergmann – Christo Fascists
    It’s hard to know why Christo Fascists has been released as a standalone digital single – separate from a physical 7” or even as a...The post Art Bergmann – Christo Fascists appeared first on
    - 67 days ago 21 Dec 20, 5:42pm -
  • Serpents of Secrecy – Ave Vindicta
    While Ave Vindicta is the band’s first album, Serpents of Secrecy are no strangers to the Maryland doom scene, featuring members of Sixty Watt...The post Serpents of Secrecy – Ave Vindicta appeared first on
    - 86 days ago 2 Dec 20, 3:00pm -
  • Staff Playlists – November 2020
    Another month goes by and we give you another month’s worth of staff picks and playlists from some of the folks at Hellbound. Feel...The post Staff Playlists – November 2020 appeared first on
    - 87 days ago 1 Dec 20, 3:00pm -
  • The Full Counts – Next Up
    About two years after the release of their debut album (which is a marked acheivement, at a certain level – many bands go many...The post The Full Counts – Next Up appeared first on
    - 98 days ago 21 Nov 20, 3:00am -
  • The Full Counts – First Out
    The fact of the matter (as inconvenient as it may be) is that not every record is a work of genius and not every...The post The Full Counts – First Out appeared first on
    - 99 days ago 19 Nov 20, 3:00pm -

Rock Metal Network

    “Age Of Fire” ist die erste Single aus dem kommenden, zweiten Album “Hyperion” und wurde von der Band geschrieben, während sie in Deutschland im Lockdown eingesperrt waren. Musikalisch bietet dieses Traditional/Power Metal-Epos einprägsame Melodien und Backing Vocals, ein neoklassisches Do…
    - 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 12:07pm -
    Ljubljana’s underground legends NOCTIFERIA have signed with Blood Blast Distribution for the digital release of their ‘Reforma’ album, set to be unleashed on May 28th. Furthermore the band has revealed the tracklisting, coverart and release date. The first single + video “Now You Will Pay”…
    - 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 7:41am -
    MOTHER OF ALL are set to release their debut album, ‘Age of Solipsist’ – featuring legendary Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, ex-Death, Sadus) – on April 23rd via Black Lion Records. Now the band has released the first single “Autumn” from the album. Watch the lyric video here: Black Lion Re…
    - 3 days ago 23 Feb 21, 8:17am -
  • Phallosopher’s
    Phallosopher’s first single ‘Death is the King and the King has Returned’ out in February 23th 2021 e.v. Listen to the single: Hailing from Tampere, Finland, Phallosopher is a black metal project by Jesse Heikkinen (Hexvessel, Iterum Nata, Kauko Röyhkä & the Boots), aka ‘Fra. Kailash’. P…
    - 3 days ago 23 Feb 21, 8:06am -
    Finnish rockers GENTLE SAVAGE! Watch the videos for the singles, here: ‘YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why)’ – ‘Honey Bunny -the Rock’n Roll transformation’ – ‘Run Run Poor Boy’ – ‘Karelian Magic’ – These singles are taken from the GENTLE SAVAGE’s debut album, ‘Midnight Waylay…
    - 7 days ago 19 Feb 21, 12:29pm -
    A Finnish Symphonic Death Metal act EPHEMERALD has just released their debut full-length album “Between the Glimpses of Hope”. Listen to the album Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon: The band themselves describe EPHEMERALD’s m…
    - 7 days ago 19 Feb 21, 9:54am -
  • Split Screen Management
    Split Screen Management  was born out of the abrupt change in the Entertainment world. We realised that future of entertainment is to take the existing and putting it together in a new way: adapt or perish. “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” –Frank Zappa The Pandemic…
    - 8 days ago 18 Feb 21, 7:41pm -
  • Imperial Pilots
    The alternative rock band, Imperial Pilots, has just released the music video for the song “You’re mine”, the last track on the album “Imperial Pilots”, released in 2020 by Electric Funeral Records. The third clip of the album, brings in the composition the theme about abusive relationship…
    - 8 days ago 18 Feb 21, 7:39pm -


  • newALBUM STREAM: Domestic Terror – Domestic Terror
    What I really love about the album are the nasty, dissonant riffs thrown into the mix throughout. That’s what really gets it all cooking for me.The post ALBUM STREAM: Domestic Terror – Domestic Terror appeared first on MoshPitNation.
    - 23 hours ago 25 Feb 21, 4:53pm -
  • Summoning the Lich – United in Chaos
    Summoning the Lich unleashes United in Chaos - a record that takes the standard expectations of melodic and technical death metal and injects it with an insane amount of adrenaline, blazing through a labyrinth of incredibly strong guitar riffage and next-level vocals.The post Summoning the Lich –…
    - 1 day ago 25 Feb 21, 3:04pm -
  • Stortregn – Impermanence
    The sound is fresh, but certifiably Stortregn.The post Stortregn – Impermanence appeared first on MoshPitNation.
    - 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 5:01pm -
  • portrayal of guilt – We Are Always Alone
    Who is currently doing a better blend of anti-music? Go ahead...I’ll wait.The post portrayal of guilt – We Are Always Alone appeared first on MoshPitNation.
    - 3 days ago 23 Feb 21, 5:14pm -
  • Carrion Bloom – Heretic Howl
    Rugged and abrasive, the album comes at you full on from the moment you press play.The post Carrion Bloom – Heretic Howl appeared first on MoshPitNation.
    - 4 days ago 22 Feb 21, 5:04pm -
  • Wharflurch – Shitslime
    Have we heard this genre mixing before? Duh. Of course. Here's the thing though, the changing of said genres is absolutely seamless.The post Wharflurch – Shitslime appeared first on MoshPitNation.
    - 5 days ago 21 Feb 21, 10:36pm -
  • Spire – Temple of Kronos
    ...what I discovered was an offer of a selection of different styles and approaches under the black metal banner, fitting together cohesively like the inner gears, springs, and screws of a monstrous timepiece. The post Spire – Temple of Kronos appeared first on MoshPitNation.
    - 5 days ago 21 Feb 21, 10:01pm -
  • Pupil Slicer – Mirrors
    Mirrors by Pupil Slicer is a highly enjoyable and unbelievably powerful collection of twelve tracks that demand and deserve attention.The post Pupil Slicer – Mirrors appeared first on MoshPitNation.
    - 6 days ago 20 Feb 21, 9:59pm -

Decibel Magazine

  • newThe Chronicles of Manimal and Samara release their debut album today
    We’ve been following duo The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara for a while now and they’ve just reached an exciting point in their musical journey. Debut album Full Spectrum hits stores (and streaming services such as Spotify), as it were, today and features a couple of new tracks which haven’…
    - 2 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 1:59pm -
  • newFamous Rock Songs Dedicated to Casino Games
    Many of the top rock artists have written songs dedicated to casinos and casino games. These can be a metaphor for the challenges faced in life, living life on the edge and being thrilled by risks or can tell true stories of encounters at casinos. Rock bands have held sell-out shows in Vegas and oth…
    - 3 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 1:49pm -
  • newNew single / video from Glasgow’s The Dead Night
    Hailing from Glasgow, The Dead Night are a three-piece garage-pop band who have drawn comparisons with The Jesus & Mary Chain, with influences ranging from Jack White and The Killers to The Cure and The Waterboys. Debut single “Caramel” is about the things we know are bad for us but are so se…
    - 5 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 11:48am -
  • newIconic Musicians Really into Gambling
    Some of the world’s most famous musicians have achieved success through talent and a lot of hard work, writing and playing songs they hope will strike a chord with those who hear it.  Each musician knows there is a risk a new release may not be as well-received as they would like.  It is the ……
    - 5 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 11:45am -
  • newBrunhilde release “To Cut A Long Story Short” today!
    A journey through the different varieties of Rock. A wild “female fronted” crossover party begins on the 26th of February 2021. Attention, (music-)world! Brunhilde is coming! With a vengeance. The band with the legendary name will release their highly anticipated album To Cut A Long Story Short…
    - 5 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 11:00am -
  • newFleischKrieg announces virtual tour dates
    Industrial dance metal duo FleischKrieg will be headlining Welcome to the New Apocalypse, a three day, five show virtual world tour taking place March 11-13, 2021. The brutalwave duo will be joined by D-Punk (DK-Zero) on bass and Living Dead Drummer, Nick Mason, on percussion. Direct support for th…
    - 19 hours ago 25 Feb 21, 9:03pm -
  • newAlbum Review: Architects – For Those That Wish To Exist
    Since forming in Brighton in 2004 Architects have evolved from their techy beginnings into a more cohesive metalcore outfit. Their ninth album finds them forging new ground, a move which may alienate some fans but is sure to gain them many more. “Do You Dream Of Armageddon?” is the brief opener…
    - 21 hours ago 25 Feb 21, 6:54pm -
  • Album Review: Coffin Mulch – Septic Funeral
    Originally self-released, Scotland’s Coffin Mulch now to spread their death metal sound much further afield with their latest offering: Septic Funeral. You know those releases that you stumble on, and are instantly hooked with? For me this is one of them. I’m not even going to play down how exci…
    - 1 day ago 25 Feb 21, 1:45pm -


The Forgotten Scroll

  • SOLOMON KANE – Die By The Sword
    SOLOMON KANE was a Progressive Hard Rock band from Rapid City, South Dakota, USA (1981-1983). It was formed by members of the midwestern supergroup ASIA (1976-1981), which in turn had been formed from the remains of WHITEWING (1968-1975). ASIA independently released two albums, “Asia” and “Arm…
    - 27 days ago 30 Jan 21, 5:05pm -
  • LUNAR SHADOW – Wish to Leave
    LUNAR SHADOW from Germany was always a special case of a band for me. If I have to answer the “Give me a band based on a clear artistic vision” question, their name would come into my mind without any second thought. From the very first days of the “Trumphator” EP, it was clear that […]
    - 28 days ago 29 Jan 21, 3:07pm -
  • RAVEN (UK) – Metal City
    One of the greatest inequities of modern metal industry is that bands who kept on releasing classic metal albums during the 90’s never managed to receive the recognition they deserved. Bands like RAVEN that went on an album releasing spree from 1987 till 1999, among which, my all time favorite Rav…
    - 97 days ago 21 Nov 20, 12:37pm -
  • HEXX – Entangled in Sin
    HEXX! The legendary Power / Speed / Thrash band that originally came out during the 80’s is back! Well to tell the truth, they have been around for some time now, and they already have released a comeback album called “Wrath of the reaper” a couple of years ago, but this time they are actually…
    - 14 Nov 20, 6:24pm -
  • MEGATON SWORD – Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire
    MEGATON SWORD is one of the numerous bands that became active through the new rebooting of Epic Metal that is taking place the last years. As a matter of fact, I had the pleasure of reviewing their first EP a release showed potential for something fat greater in the future and earned MEGATON SWORD r…
    - 14 Nov 20, 3:18pm -
  • Interview with ETERNAL CHAMPION
    I guess that for the readers of Forgotten Scroll, ETERNAL CHAMPION from Austin, Texas, US, need no special introduction. Their “Armor of Ire” debut is already identified as a classic on the Epic Metal genre. They are about to march into battle again, releasing a second album called "Ravening Ir…
    - 1 Nov 20, 9:23pm -
  • ETERNAL CHAMPION – Ravening Iron
    Metal genres. They remain as trademarks through the years. Trademarks that are based on specific standards. Standards that are set by the classic albums that eventually mark the characteristics of each genre. Epic Metal: Perhaps one of the most important Metal genres, identified by classics needless…
    - 7 Oct 20, 1:50pm -
  • HEDSTONE – Out Of The Crypt
    HEDSTONE from Downers Grove, Chicago, Illinois, USA are a special case of a band. They became known to the underground scene, thanks to “Air Raid”: their one song participation on the “Chicago Metal Works, Battalion 2” compilation, released back in 1986 on Silver Fin Records (HAMMERON, PARAD…
    - 2 Oct 20, 3:37pm -


  • newHave You Seen Our Euro Webstore?
    Have you seen our European webstore? It's seriously a can't miss for our European fans. Not only do you save money on shipping, you also get product faster and with less risk of it getting damaged. Seriously, check it out:   We've had this Euro store for a while now,…
    - 9 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 7:00am -
  • newDon't Miss Out On Jakethehawk!
    It's always interesting when a band really draws from the influence of their home in their music. Such is the case with Jakethehawk and their new album Hinterlands. Their unique brand of sprawling psych fuzz captures the imagination and you NEED to experience it by heading here and grabbing it: htt…
    - 10 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 6:41am -
  • A Fistful Of Questions With 20 Watt Tombstone’s Tom Jordan
         Vocalist.  Guitarist.  Gentleman & Scholar.  Soon to be author!?  This edition of Fistful of Questions goes to 20 Watt Tombstone’s Tom Jordan.        What is your full name?   Thomas Vincent Jordan III   Do you have any aliases?   Not really, no.   What bands are you activel…
    - 1 day ago 25 Feb 21, 6:30am -
  • The Xroadie Files
    Incursion - The Hunter E.P. Steve Samson – Vocals, Maxx Havick – Guitars, Michael Lashinsky – Guitars, Stone Jamess – Bass, Buddy Norris - Drums   The Hunter: Prologue/Warrior Of Destruction majestic rhythms searing leads that just envelop you. Guiding Faith Gothic chants powerful riffs s…
    - 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 6:30am -
  • Announcing The Ghost Road Fest!
    6th November 2021 - London 7th November 2021 - Leeds  Ghost Road Fest is a multi city two day festival with a mission to offer opportunity to the UK’s most exciti…
    - 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 4:39am -
  • Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak
    It’s preach to the choir time waveriders!  You all know, or at least the vast majority of you know that Thin Lizzyrocks!  It also stands to reason that you don’t need anyone to inform you of the greatness of Jailbreak.  I get it, you’re well aware.  If you wouldn’t mind indulging me howe…
    - 4 days ago 22 Feb 21, 6:30am -
  • A Ripple Conversation With Deva St John
    What have been your musical epiphany moments?   In May 2018, Amanda Palmer hosted a Patreon-only party in London. My mum is a patron, so she got herself a ticket, and I was her +1. It was at a theatre that was showing an immersive production of The Great Gatsby. It was a really cool location, and n…
    - 5 days ago 21 Feb 21, 6:30am -
  • Bandcamp Bonanza – 122
    Once again, another week featuring albums on pre-order, wishlist items, that I’ve whittled down to under 200 recently, and items I’ve been spinning on my turntable already. It’s a beautiful time to be alive in the realm of recorded music. Hoping the live music is just around the corner.   Ho…
    - 6 days ago 20 Feb 21, 6:30am -

Heavy Mag

  • newTHE AUTHORITIES Rip New Single
     California punks The Authorities (Die Laughing Records) are back with their first new material with their new line up and its as gloriously old school punk as you can get. Ever meet someone and experience that intense, electrical attraction? Of course you have! Sometimes you just dig the way t…
    - 11 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 5:24am -
  • newTHE STRANGER Drop New Single
     Brisbane-based progressive metal sensations The Stranger have released their incredibly dynamic new single “Kaleidoscope” via Octane Records and Wild Thing Records. As vibrant and immersive as its name suggests, the title track of these progressive metal juggernauts’ upcoming sophomore a…
    - 11 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 5:21am -
  • newDEADLIGHTS Release Single
     Brisbane-based post-hardcore quartet Deadlights have just returned with their potent new single “Born of a Lie” and announced their forthcoming sophomore record The Uncanny Valley. Opening with distorted guitar riffs, discordant harmonics and the feverish vocals of frontman Dylan Davidson,…
    - 11 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 5:16am -
  • newGYPSY PISTOLEROS With New Single
     Gypsy Pistoleros have released a brand new single and anthem for the underdog “Lost In A Town Called Nowhere”. The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming album The Mescalito Vampires, to be released via Golden Robot/RIOT Records in June. Described as the album they always promised…
    - 11 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 5:11am -
  • newREPRIEVER With New Single
     Sydney based prog-metalcore dynamos Repriever are crashing into 2021 with the full force of a sledgehammer with the release of their blisteringly visceral new single “Grim”. The ferocious and impactful track stands as a powerful follow-up to the cult success of the quintet’s debut EP Idl…
    - 11 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 5:06am -
  • newPremiere: ELECTRIC UNIVERSE “Right On Time”
     After blowing away label expectations and amassing over 120k views of their video premiere for first single “Time” on Facebook; 10k streams on Spotify and 15k plays on Youtube, Electric Universe are back with a killer followup single less than a month later. “Right on Time” features le…
    - 11 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 5:05am -
     Sordid Ordeal has been in the studio working tirelessly on their debut album, which will come out of the womb later in the year. In the meantime, they are blessing their fans with a sweet four-track covers EP. Each song was performed from Stay Gold to Bombay Rock, The Bergy, The Brunny, The Re…
    - 11 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 4:56am -
  • newNew Dates Announced For TRIP THE SWTICH Festival
    The organisers of Trip The Switch Music Festival are pleased to confirm the first annual event will proceed on the rescheduled date of Saturday July 3, 2021.The same huge line-up of Australian artists including ICEHOUSE, James Reyne, The Angels, Shannon Noll, Killing Heidi, Boom Crash Opera and…
    - 17 hours ago 25 Feb 21, 11:49pm -

  • newSLIZARD LA Metallers to Release Debut Album, Samplers Streaming
    Los Angeles metallers SLIZARD are streaming two 4-song Samplers from their soon to be released debut album. SLIZARD recently signed a worldwide deal with Mega Metal Records to release their self-titled debut album on May 28th. The band was formed in 2019, and features LA singer Liz Fawcett on vocals…
    - 3 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 1:46pm -
  • SUNBOMB, A New Project Featuring Two Legendary Musicians
    SUNBOMB is the highly anticipated new musical alliance between two steadfast warriors of the U.S. hard rock/metal scene, Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns) and Michael Sweet (Stryper). They have put together an absolute blinder of a heavy metal album, melding influences of classic metal bands such as Black Sab…
    - 1 day ago 25 Feb 21, 2:06pm -
  • TODD LA TORRE Releases New Music Video For “Hellbound and Down”
    On the heels of his chart-topping debut week for Rejoice In The Suffering, Queensrÿche vocalist Todd La Torre is releasing another official music video from the critically-acclaimed album. The video for “Hellbound and Down” is a fiery visual that accompanies one of the heaviest tracks on La Tor…
    - 1 day ago 25 Feb 21, 1:49pm -
  • TYGERS OF PAN TANG release compilation “Majors & Minors” in May
      On May 28th 2021 TYGERS OF PAN TANG will release worldwide their album “Majors & Minors” which continues the band’s legacy with a fine selection of songs that were written and recorded over the last 13 years. Not just a “Best of” compilation because the band wanted to offer something sp…
    - 1 day ago 25 Feb 21, 1:38pm -
  • Rebel Rouser: A Sweet User Manual By MARTIN POPOFF Now Shipping
    …has just arrived at the office and is ready for signing and shipping. Not at my website yet but I indeed have boxes o’ books as of TODAY.   Email me with any questions or requests for a PayPal invoice (please indicate what country you are in) or just do yer usual and direct funds […]The pos…
    - 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 3:49pm -
  • Canada’s Matt Chanway Breathes New Life Into Progressive Metal With “Unrelenting”
    Vancouver’s talented Matt Chanway returns in 2021 with a new single “Unrelenting”, for which he has done a playthrough video that can be viewed below. Chanway was a finalist in Guitar Idol, the world-renowned guitar competition that features the top up and coming musicians from around the…
    - 3 days ago 23 Feb 21, 9:59pm -
  • Burned For Sins, Damned For Speaking Truths ARSENIC ADDICTION New Music Video “Maleficium”
    Salt Lake City’s Arsenic Addiction’s released their fourth album “XIX” in September 2019, and in support of the record, they released the visually stunning video “Fire” featuring UTAH’s salt flats as a backdrop. Today, the band is excited to present their next breathtaking video f…
    - 3 days ago 23 Feb 21, 9:57pm -
  • Tolkien Inspired Progressive Rock Orchestra AINUR New Music Video “Kinslaying (The First) ft. Ted Nasmith”
    New Album “War of The Jewels” Out March 19th, 2021 Inspired by Tolkienian mythology, prog-rock orchestra Ainur has been composing J.R.R. Tolkien masterpieces into galloping escapades across the audio landscape for nearly two decades. Their next anticipated record “War of The Jewels” is…
    - 3 days ago 23 Feb 21, 9:50pm -

  • Striborg / Satanath – Prisoners of the Solar System
    Recently, along with some other releases, I received Prisoners of the Solar System. This is the split release of Satanath and Striborg. If the name Satanath remind you something, you remember correctly. This is the personal project of the owner of Satanath Records. So, Satanath is a one-man ambient…
    - 9 days ago 17 Feb 21, 8:40am -
  • Panzerfaust – Jehovah-Jireh: The Divine Anti-logos
    There are times that the first contact with a band doesn’t happen musically but optically, something that can create emotions, positive or negative, before you even listen to the band’s work. So when Panzerfaust from Canada contacted me and asked me to listen to their new album, the first thing…
    - 9 days ago 17 Feb 21, 8:39am -
  • Patria – Liturgia Haeresis
    “Liturgia Haeresis” is the third full length album of Patria, a duo from Brazil which was formed in 2008 and their music is a journey through the old Norwegian sound. In this album there are ten fast tracks baptized in the Norwegian sound of the first half of the ‘90ies with many rhythmic Thra…
    - 9 days ago 17 Feb 21, 8:39am -
  • Orthanc – L’Amorce Du Déclin
    Lately I have received many good albums from the French underground, which shows that there is a very good level and enough passion by the bands there, new and older. One of those albums is “L’ Amorce Du Declin”, the second full length album of Orthanc, a quite old band, who exist since 1995 a…
    - 9 days ago 17 Feb 21, 8:38am -
  • Primal – Obłęd
    The sound of“Obłęd”, the third full length album of Primal is quite weird but at the same time familiar to me. Primal come from Poland, they consist by one member which plays all the instruments, the were formed in 2008 and they have released until today two demos, one split, two EPs and three…
    - 9 days ago 17 Feb 21, 8:25am -
  • Primeval Mass – Blood Breathing Idols
    Primeval Mass return at the end of 2012 with their new album which has the weird name “Blood Breathing Idols”. For all those who don’t know, the band comes from Greece, it was formed in 2000 and it consists of two members. This album is their second full length album, while they have also rele…
    - 9 days ago 17 Feb 21, 8:04am -
  • Pyrophoric – Accursed Oblivion
    Accursed Oblivion is the second album of Pyrophoric. This album consists of 2 tracks, an intro and an outro. For sure there is much improvement in this album both in composition and in other parts that had a problem in the first album. The band continues playing in the same style with the previous a…
    - 9 days ago 17 Feb 21, 8:03am -
  • Pyrophoric – Diabolizing the Priest

    - 9 days ago 17 Feb 21, 8:02am -

  • newJoanna Connor / The house is really rocking with Destination
    Joanna Connor has released her album ‘4801 South Indiana Avenue’ today and to celebrate, she has shared the video for the track ‘Destination’. You can watch the track below, or catch it on the MetalTalk SoundCloud Tracks Of The Week playlist. The unstoppable locomotive that is ‘Destination…
    - 34 mins ago 26 Feb 21, 3:46pm -
  • newEvergrey / Stirring, elating and dazzling ‘Escape of the Phoenix’ is a triumph.
    Twelve albums into their career, it would be hard to think of a band so consistent, yet so ambitious as Evergrey have proven themselves to be. This new release builds on their reputation as one of the finest Rock bands to ever come out of mainland Europe, let alone Sweden, their ...The post Evergr…
    - 2 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 2:36pm -
  • newChez Kane / Born in the 90’s but Rocking hard 80’s style
    Welsh rocker Chez Kane’s first solo album has been a long time coming. She has been fronting Kane’d with her sisters Steph and Stacey for over a decade before being approached by Crazy Lixx’s Danny Rexon in 2019 about a project he was working on. COVID-19, of course, has intervened ...The pos…
    - 2 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 1:56pm -
  • newSullen Guest / Embrace the emotional experience of Chapter III
    Formed in 2013, Lithuania’s first ever Death/Doom Metal outfit Sullen Guest return with a second studio full length ‘Chapter III’. This follows their 2018 release ‘IIIIXXI’, which saw a major change of line-up, with the only original member, guitarist and founder Tenebra remaining. In a se…
    - 3 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 1:31pm -
  • newExclusive / Kitt Wakeley releases ‘Conflicted’ with Joe Satriani
    Four time Grammy nominated and multiple award winning Kitt Wakeley is to release his latest album ‘Symphony of Sinners and Saints’ later this year, with the first track ‘Conflicted’, a collaboration with Joe Satriani, released today exclusively at MetalTalk. Kitt told MetalTalk, that workin…
    - 9 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 7:38am -
  • Interview / Tom Englund is Evergrey’s Phoenix from the Flames (Part Two)
    With his highly acclaimed work, not just with Evergrey but with side project Silent Skies and also as a member of American Prog Metal kingpins Redemption, Tom Englund, the perpetually working Swede, is a force of nature. Friendly, genuinely charming, witty and with a razor-sharp mind and real emotio…
    - 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 5:48pm -
  • SMITH/KOTZEN – Second Single ‘Scars’ released
    Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen have shared the video for their second single ‘Scars’ today. The track is a powerful 70’s style Blues Rock track, which Adrian Smith told us “starts off with a dreamy intro, then comes in Heavy.” Richie Kotzen told MetalTalk: “I remember ‘Scars’ being o…
    - 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 3:28pm -
  • EPICA / Too much of a good thing is never enough
    It is always good to see hard work being rewarded and Dutch symphonic Metallers Epica have paid their dues and then some. Over their career they have toured and written and toured and honed their craft and toured and gone through line up changes and toured and toured some more! ...The post EPICA /…
    - 2 days ago 24 Feb 21, 1:46pm -

Rock Feed

  • Slayer’s Kerry King Says Children Of Bodom’s Alexi Laiho Was A “Guitar God”
    Slayer guitarist Kerry King recently paid his respects to Children of Bodom guitarist/vocalist Alexi Laiho.  Speaking to Metal Hammer King said: “Are You Dead Yet? was probably my favorite album by them. Even back then I was like, ‘This is the next dude, this is the next guitar hero.’ He’s…
    - 21 days ago 5 Feb 21, 11:52pm -
  • Otep Shamaya Says Marilyn Manson’s Wife Used To Call Her House Crying
    Otep Shamaya, frontwoman for Otep, has released a statement describing her own experiences with Marilyn Manson. Otep states she was once a huge fan, but that all changed when her ex-girlfriend would receive phone calls from Manson’s current wife Lindsay Usich. Otep’s Facebook post said: “WARNI…
    - 21 days ago 5 Feb 21, 5:05pm -
  • Serj Tankian Releases First Single “Elasticity” From Upcoming EP
    Serj Tankian has just released a music video for his first single “Elasticity” from his upcoming EP of the same name. The EP is set to drop on March 19th. Tankian said that this song was originally written to be a System of a Down song, but with the band not creating new music he […]
    - 21 days ago 5 Feb 21, 4:33pm -
  • Tool Frontman Maynard James Keenan Reveals He’s Had Covid-19 Twice
    Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan was recently interviewed by Apple Music Hits’ George Stroumboulopoulos, where he revealed that he had caught Covid-19 twice in 2020. The second time, he ended up in the hospital. “I don’t know if I said anything online, but I had it twice,” said Keenan. “…
    - 22 days ago 5 Feb 21, 2:27am -
  • Steven Wilson Apologizes To Wolfgang Van Halen For Comments About His Father
    Porcupine Tree founder Steven Wilson was recently interviewed by Face Culture. During the interview Wilson was asked if he was impacted by Eddie Van Halen’s passing.  “Honestly, it didn’t, because I was never a fan,” Wilson said. “I know he’s an extraordinary musician, and it’s always…
    - 22 days ago 4 Feb 21, 10:44pm -
  • Marilyn Manson’s Ex-Wife Dita Von Teese Releases Statement Regarding Abuse Allegations
    Dita Von Teese has just released a statement regarding the abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson and her own experiences with him. Von Teese was with Manson for 7 years, getting married in 2005 until their divorce in 2006.  Von Teese said: “I have been processing the news that broke Monday reg…
    - 22 days ago 4 Feb 21, 6:46pm -
  • Cradle Of Filth Announce Title Of Upcoming New Album
    Cradle of Filth have been busy recording their thirteenth studio album with producer Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studios. Vocalist Dani Filth says the upcoming is “our best album of current years, if not all time.” That’s a pretty high bar to hit. But Dani thinks they’ll clear it with the new…
    - 23 days ago 4 Feb 21, 1:02am -
  • Metallica Will Play Live On Super Bowl Sunday
    Metallica will be performing live this upcoming Sunday, for the first time since their charity streaming event in November 2020, which helped to earn over $1.3 million for the All Within Amy Hands Foundation. The band will be playing live on as part of a special Super Bowl Weekend edition of The  …
    - 23 days ago 3 Feb 21, 10:43pm -

Metal Wani

Distorted Sound

  • newAnneke van Giersbergen releases new music video for ‘I Saw A Car’
    ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN has released a new music video! The new music video, for the track I Saw A Car, isThe post Anneke van Giersbergen releases new music video for ‘I Saw A Car’ appeared first on Distorted Sound Magazine.
    - 2 mins ago 26 Feb 21, 4:18pm -
  • newThe Hyena Kill release new music video for ‘Witness’
    THE HYENA KILL have released a new music video! The video, for the track Witness, is the second single takenThe post The Hyena Kill release new music video for ‘Witness’ appeared first on Distorted Sound Magazine.
    - 30 mins ago 26 Feb 21, 3:50pm -
  • newMemoriam release new song ‘Failure To Comply’
    MEMORIAM have released a brand new song! The new song, titled Failure To Comply, is the second single taken from theThe post Memoriam release new song ‘Failure To Comply’ appeared first on Distorted Sound Magazine.
    - 57 mins ago 26 Feb 21, 3:23pm -
  • newSaint Agnes release new music video for ‘Vampire’
    SAINT AGNES have released a new music video! The video, for the track Vampire, is the title track taken fromThe post Saint Agnes release new music video for ‘Vampire’ appeared first on Distorted Sound Magazine.
    - 1 hour ago 26 Feb 21, 3:04pm -
  • newALBUM REVIEW: First Bite – Laced in Lust
    There will always be a place in rock music for straight up party tunes, and LACED IN LUST have setThe post ALBUM REVIEW: First Bite – Laced in Lust appeared first on Distorted Sound Magazine.
    - 1 hour ago 26 Feb 21, 3:00pm -
  • newALBUM REVIEW: Tinnitus – Profond Barathre
    The best ways are often the most simple, and post-black metallers PROFOND BARATHRE are no strangers to that. Featuring membersThe post ALBUM REVIEW: Tinnitus – Profond Barathre appeared first on Distorted Sound Magazine.
    - 1 hour ago 26 Feb 21, 3:00pm -
  • newTilian releases new music video for ‘Anthem’
    TILIAN has released a new music video! The video, for the track Anthem, is the latest single from the LosThe post Tilian releases new music video for ‘Anthem’ appeared first on Distorted Sound Magazine.
    - 2 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 2:46pm -
  • newEP REVIEW: Shadows – Shadows
    Alex Bouks can’t stay still. Formerly of death metal outfit GOREAPHOBIA and current member of both RUINOUS and IMMOLATION, theThe post EP REVIEW: Shadows – Shadows appeared first on Distorted Sound Magazine.
    - 3 hours ago 26 Feb 21, 1:00pm -